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Lynn Schwebach
This is a photo I took in Australia available on the Shop Photos" page. All photos are copyrighted. 

This is a photo I took in Australia available on the Shop Photos" page. All photos are copyrighted. 

Art That Opens Doors

Through art, I strive to describe emotions that words cannot approach. I believe that some emotional states have yet to be named, because they are too powerful for words. And what about the space between opposing emotions? I often find myself in this abstract, nebulous place. Through my paintings and photography, I create a walkway into a transcendent place where easily defined emotions don't apply. 

Doors that open through my art were either closed, or impossible to open in other ways, or even doors that I did not know existed. Some doors were shut a long time ago and are slowly being reopened.

I often use organic images of the natural world as a way to open and get through these doors. Or I use vibrating colors or abstraction to perceive of a reality that differs from what our finite senses tell us. My paintings often combine realism and abstraction.

New doors often arrive through the viewfinder of my camera. I might be far from my home, sitting in a coffee shop among foreigners, pondering life over coffee, and I connect with something in someone's gaze. Or I could be home in Colorado capturing the beauty of a lighted mountaintop at daybreak. Or perhaps I'm back on Chicago's South Side, trying to understand the complex, diverse, and often dangerous neighborhoods where I grew up. 

Sometimes I reproduce images as a photograph. Sometimes I print the image and paint it. Sometimes I do both. Sometimes I combine photographs and paintings. Creating for me always translates into finding and opening new doors, trying something new, searching for ways to break new ground. I value the freedom to experiment and to find novel ways of expression. Experimenting with expression is what brings me the greatest joy as an artist—although I don't think joy is the most accurate symbol for this feeling—it's simply the word that most closely approximates the intense emotion one senses while creating. 

Perhaps "contemplative" is the best word, for now, to describe my paintings and photographs. I thank you for looking and reading. Please contact me if you have any questions regarding my art. 

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